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Gentleman Chit Fund Co. (I) Pvt. Ltd is one of Kerala’s largest Chitty fund Companies functioning under the Central and State Government Chitty Act.1982 / 40 assuring 100% surety for our valuable customer's hard-earned money. The Leading Company in Kuri Business in Kerala is right here, we help our customers to invest wisely. We are neither moneylenders nor financiers. Gentleman‘s Highly profitable Chit Fund Plans opens up doors to all levels of income earners to fulfill their dreams and responsibilities. Our Chit Schemes are highly profitable than bank loans or any other kind of loan. With valuing everyone’s dreams and responsibilities, Gentleman has designed unique Financial Plans to accomplish customers' vital needs like own house, Establish own entrepreneurial ventures, children’s education and marriage, etc. We will give focus on continuous learning and improvement as a part of its value system and by 2031 the world will see a new change in the trends of common man's banking. we will be one of the best companies that will utilize technology and professionalism to bring maximum benefits to the team and customers I welcome you to browse through our website to get a first-hand impression of our capabilities.